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Recently Chris from asked me a few questions about Codemotion and the apps we make. Below are part of the answers and you can read the whole interview here

How did you meet and what made you think you are the right team to do the job?

We met trough a friend, I was in desperate need of good iOS developers. Once we started working together I was surprised how much Robert and Nikolay cared about design and that was the moment I knew! Continue reading

Codemotion – A new tech startup is born!

Codemotion is a newly found startup company already working on 3 projects. Оur first app -Lendpal was released the end of July. Our second app – Freely was released in the middle of August, freelancer time tracking and billing app. Our third app and most ambitious project is an innovative calendar app. We have a set a deadline for it  – November 2014.

At Codemotion we have a passion for design like no other company… All of our apps are designed and polished to perfection and we ship ! So yeah these are not just some concepts a designer made. We actually build our concepts.
Codemotion is  pushing the limits of productivity, business and finance apps. Making the tools of tomorrow!

App Development stuck at 99% Please Wait!

(The making of Freely)

We all know that in app development the last 1% is what takes the longest. You can see the finish line and yet there are still a lot of things you need to do before crossing it. This project took me and Stella about 5 months to get to this point. It was an amazing journey and we both learned a lot.

I learned that simple projects sometimes are more complex than they appear in the beginning and you need to do more work than initially anticipated.

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