We craft interfaces.


Interface Design

It’s all about the user. We make interfaces that are clean and beautiful.


We develop in house and outsource, using the latest technologies.Making the tools of tomorrow while meeting the user needs and business goals.


We provide new and existing products with the most compelling brand indentity that will differentiate them from their competitors.


Task management done right!

Platforms: Dekstop, Web, iOS

More than Kanban, time tracking, reports and team chat - it’s your team’s command center! Each project build exclusively for your needs. No clutter. No distractions. Pure productivity!

Open Ora.pm


Class graphic design for iPad.

Platform: Desktop,iOS

Status: Released

Supercharged with vector tools, icons, fonts, UI elements, basic and complex shapes. ProtoSketch enables you to create any design from logo to website and print. But most importantly... it is easy to learn!

Open ProtoSketch


A new kind of calendar.

We are reinventing your calendar by blending it with your clock! Knowing what events you have next is as easy as checking what time is!

Status: TBA!


Keep track of everything lent or borrowed

Platform: iOS

Status: Released


Easy time tracking and invoicing for Freelancers.

Platform: iOS

Status: Released

Painless Time Tracking and Invoicing! Do your work... Freely! Keep track of your freelance projects, track time and send beautiful PDF invoices to your clients. Freely is the best tool for freelancers. Everything you need to do your work and nothing more...

What we do

Never compromise. Innovate.

We are a team of experienced designers and developers crafting digital expiriences that change people’s lives. We are pushing the limits of productivity, business and finance apps.

It’s our job to serve our customers to the best of our ability. Every pixel, every line of code matters. We build with passion and dedication!

No matter if it’s a vector graphics editor or a real time task managment app in the cloud we keep pushing ourselves, we keep setting goals. Our strive for perfection never stops!

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