Black Friday App Deals for Designers – 2015

I’ve gathered some app deals that I found. Some of them going to up to -80% off the price. It’s worth taking a look if you are an iPad user.

ProtoSketch $8.99 > $3.99 (60% OFF)

Desktop-class vector graphics editor. Supercharged with icons, fonts, ui elements, basic and complex drag and drop shapes. It is easy to create anything from logo and icon to web and mobile design.

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Designing for iOS9 Universal with Multitasking Split Views

Designing for iOS9

At a first glance not much has changed since iOS8 when Apple introduced two new device sizes – iPhone 6 and 6 plus. Back then I wrote “Get your Assets ready for iOS8 and iPhone 6 Plus” which is still valid and you should check it out if you’re still wondering about @1x @2x @3x, iPhone sizes and and PDF Assets for apps. There is one new device this year – the iPad Pro which has a huge @2x display with 2672 x 2048 pixels. So nothing new right… ? Wrong! Thanks to the new multitasking split view on iPad there are like 8 new sizes your app could be – that’s some designers nightmare, it’s worse than how things are on Android. Continue reading

Best iOS apps of 2014

When it comes to apps we are sort of the experts. One have to make apps to know which are the best! So after a little discussion about which are the best iOS apps of 2014, everyone named a few and we decided to make a list and share it with everyone. You’ve probably know most of these but hopefully we are going to surprise you and show you something new. Also as a bonus my painfully honest 1 sentence reviews.

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The first update

Few days ago our first update of LendPal was approved by Apple after two weeks of waiting for review. However everything is fine and now we are live.

In this update we added one of the most wanted features from our users – borrow or lend to people that you don’t have in your contacts. Now the app is fully compatible with the new bigger than bigger iPhones. We also improved the user experience to make things easier for our users.

We hope that you enjoy using the app! If you have any feature requests or feedback feel free to write a comment or to contact us.

Get your Assets ready for iOS8 and iPhone 6 Plus

It’s that time of the year again. Apple released a new device and now you have to recreate your assets so your app supports iOS8 and iPhone 6/6+. If your designs are in Photoshop chances are you are cursing at the changes at the moment. In this brief post I will cover the basic device sizes, @3x downsizing as well as something new and interesting – Xcode PDF Assets!  Continue reading